Call San Diego Regional Center to see if your developmentally disabled child/adult is eligible:

San Diego Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled
512 W Aten Rd
Imperial, CA 92251
(760) 355-8383

San Diego Regional Center will contact Imperial Valley Respite once a client has been approved to receive respite services. Imperial Valley Respite will schedule a home visit with the family to assess the home environment and obtain the following information: name, address, and telephone number, age, sex, and disability of the developmentally disabled individual, the needs of the developmentally disabled (i.e., feeding, toileting, medications, etc). respite needs (i.e., hours/weeks/days/assignment), emergency information and parent/guardian signature.

A copy of the Respite Service Manual will be provided.

A Respite Worker is an employee who is trained to provide companionship or parenting to the developmentally disabled in his/her home. In this manner, respite is provided for the parent or guardian and the developmentally disabled individual. Respite provides needed relief to aid in maintaining the stability and well being of the family unit. All Respite Workers are individuals who have completed the Respite Training Program and, Orientation regarding different disabilities. All Respite Workers must complete First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (adult, infant & child) and a criminal background check.